Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I was amazed with the insight we got on our own pattern at the PLoP writer's workshow. You can learn a lot by having seven experts on patterns talking behind you about your paper without you being able to talk, just listening.

It was a pity that we had relation mostly with the people on our workshop, but, anyway, people in our workshop was very interesting to know. No doubt about Ralph, but also Jason, Amr, Hishem, Dirk, Paddy, Leon... all of them gave us very valuable feedback.

A part from Jason's paper, the one about stand-up meetings i already commented, the other i liked the more was the one about Functional testing. Regardless pattern like formatting flaws it contained a lot of insight on functional testing that will help Pau and me to better communicate the functional tests principles to our Software Engineering students.

Back to the games, a funny one we played was the one of segregating people by things we thought make each one weird. Just 5 of about 40 keept on one side on the statement 'I don't use windows'. Of those 5, 3 were Mac'ers. Having that much veterans computer scientists, was very interesting the segregation on statements about knowing weird programming languages and having using old technologies.

We really enjoied our first PLoP. I hope we could be back some year.

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