Monday, July 2, 2007

CLAM Plugins

One of the most interesting features of the upcomming CLAM release will be a plugin system that will allow users to add their own processings as a plugin to any CLAM based application.
Just by placing a library on a given folder.

We provide some cute tutorials on writting simple processings from scratch, and a SConstruct file that will compile and install everything in a given folder as a plugin.

It has been more easy than we thought as we were frightened by Visual 'mecatxis' and we just dropped it. A single class did the work. There is still some work to do on documenting the registration of the configuration dialogs for the processings and making the Processing Tree of the network editor to populate automatically from the factory content.

The former can be done very quick by adding the Qt4 configurator as a CLAM library, but we want to provide a more general solution not requiring users linking against Qt4. The later (processing tree population) is something Andreas Calvo is working with. And he is doing nice progresses.

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