Thursday, December 6, 2007

WiKo, the wiki compiler

Pau and me have just released WiKo as sourceforge project. WiKo is a simple but powerful Python script that takes files with wiki content on a given directory and either builds a web, a LaTeX article or a blog.

The script has a very long history before being branded as WiKo. It has its roots on the simple script i did to build most of my websites (Can Voki, Codders, KKEPerians UNLTD...) The script eased keeping static a lot of pages sharing the same layout design. The script was later enhanced to read wiki pages and to build also LaTeX articles. Even I used it for my master thesis. Recently Pau also started to use it for his PhD thesis and he has added great improvements such as LaTeX formulas in HTML output or bibliography linking. And lately we started to use it as internal wiki for some projects we are involved within Barcelona Media. So we thought that such script deserved a sourceforge project, and that's how WiKo born. I hope it can be useful to you all.

WiKo might be useful to you if:

  • You have an static website and you are considering to make it dynamic just to reuse design
  • You have to write articles to be available in both html and pdf
  • You are moving content from web, to LaTeX articles and to blogs and you are feed up of translating markup
  • You love wiki syntax but you hate to edit wikis in web forms
  • You like LaTeX output but you hate (or don't know) its markup
  • You like colaborative environments such subversion and want to use it as base for a wiki
  • You still are considering ikiwiki but you would like it was not written in Perl so you could contribute to it ;-)

Also I am currently working hard on being able to use WiKo to edit this blog. I am almost there so stay tunned.

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Anonymous said...

Instead mimetex, can I use dvipng.
Is more simple e generate equations