Friday, January 18, 2008

BiBTeX Tooltip in html WiKo output

I was busy yesterday on providing better BiBTeX support for the HTML output in WiKo. I was adding bibliography tooltips. They were an original suggestion from Pau Arumi, and i agree with him that they will be very handy for reading an article in electronic format. The former html bibliography page is still available: just click instead of hovering.

To have it working, you should download the latest wiko version, install 'python-bibtex' debian/ubuntu package and appending to your css style sheet the latest statements of this css concerning 'bibref' class.

Then, just place any bibtex files on the same folder the wiki files are and refer a bibliography entry in the wiki files as '@cite:SomeBibtexId'. By 'WiKonpiling' you'll get both normal LaTeX bibliography and this html equivalent.

Take a look on the final feel at this chapter of my master thesis.

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