Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Command of the day: hotspot2calltree

Today, the command of the day is hotspot2calltree.

I do like a lot using kcachegrind to tune my C++ code. You can use KCacheGrind to navigate through the actual function calls in a given execution of your program and seeing very graphically where the time is spent.

Today i needed to optimize some python code but that's not C++ code. No problem. Add in your code this:

import hotshot
prof = hotshot.Profile("profile.hotspot")

And then, at the shell:

sudo apt-get install kcachegrind-converters
hotspot2calltree -o profile.callgrind profile.hotspot
kcachegrind profile.callgrind

And now you get a nice kcachegrind profile you can navigate on.

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