Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Refactoring script for CLAM networks

Now that the CLAM NetworkEditor has become such a convenient tool to define audio processing systems, we started to use it massively instead of C++ code to integrate processings. Even thought, we started to find that whenever we change a configuration structure, a port/control name, or even a processing class name, the networks xml had to be edited by hand because they didn't load. That problem led us to avoid such kind of changes, which is not a sane option. 'Embrace change', agile gurus said, and so we did.

We have developed a python tool to support network refactoring. It can be used, both as a python module, or as a command line tool, to batch modify CLAM network files using high level operations such as:

  • Renaming a processing class name
  • Renaming a processing name
  • Renaming processing ports or controls
  • Renaming a processing configuration parameter
  • Removing/adding/reorder configuration parameters
  • Setting configuration parameters values

The script just does XPath navigation and DOM manipulations in order to know which pieces need to be changed. Each high level command is just a couple of lines in python.

We are starting to use it to:

  • Adapt to changes in the C++ code
  • Change network configuration parameters in batch
  • Provide migration scripts for user's networks

About the last point, we plan the next release to provide network migration scripts containing a command set such as:
ensureVersion 1.3
renameClass OutControlSender NewClassName
renameConnector AudioMixer inport "Input 0" "New Port Name 0"
renameConfig AudioMixer NumberOfInPorts NInputs
setConfigByType AudioMixer NInputs 14
upgrade 1.3.2

Still some short term TODO's:

  • Include the clam version in the network xml so that the ensureVersion and upgrade commands work.
  • Integrating also Qt Designer UI files in the refactorings
  • Add some other commands as they are needed

Happy CLAM networks refactoring!

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